Impler is open-source data import infrastructure, built for engineering teams to help them build rich data import experience without constantly reinventing the wheel.


The ability to import data is often needed in the application. It usually starts the same, reading .csv or .xlsx file and insert records into the database. But after a while, you'll find yourself looping over large files, validating rows, and providing support for file types that you've never heard of them before.

Impler's goal is to help developers create an efficient and smooth data import experience between the product and its users. All with an easy-to-use API and outstanding developer experience.

Integrated into your Product

Integration of the import widget in your product can just take a few minutes. Feature-rich experience of the widget makes the data onboarding experience fun for users. Users can map columns and even review invalid records in their spreadsheets so that the right data gets imported.

As developers, we tend to care about the performance of the application, but following the growing number of file types support, mapping and data validation become a burden on the team and make life hard.

Free and Open Source

One of the reasons for making Impler free was giving back to the community. We heard from many teams and we also felt How hard it's to give support for Data import functionality. So to make it accessible to everyone, we decided to build the Impler with awesome people like you.

We welcome and appreciate everyone's suggestions and improvements, come join us on Discord and GitHub.

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