✍️Writing effectively into .xlsm files

Step-by-step guide showing how you and your users can handle .xlsm file constraints, while editing into it.

The .xlsm file format includes macro code that enables the Multiselect feature in Impler. Due to varying security protocols on different operating systems, there are specific steps to follow to ensure these macros run effectively.


Microsoft Excel on Windows restricts macro execution by default due to security concerns. Follow these steps to enable macros and use the Multiselect feature:

Steps to Enable Macros in Excel

  1. Download the Sample File:

    1. First, download the sample file generated by Impler. If any column has Multiselect enabled, it will be in .xlsm format.

    2. By default, Microsoft Excel displays an Security Risk error for such files in its latest versions.

  2. Mark the File as Safe:

    1. Navigate to the file location.

    2. Right-click on the .xlsm file and select Properties.

    3. In the Properties window, under the Security section, check the Unblock checkbox.

    4. Click Apply.

  3. Enable Macros:

    • Open the file in Microsoft Excel.

    • An orange banner will appear at the top, indicating that macros are disabled.

    • Click on Enable Content it to allow the macros to run.

These steps will ensure that the macro code for the Multiselect feature is enabled, allowing you to select multiple options within the specified columns.


Linux users typically use LibreOffice Calc, which does not run macro code by default. However, you can still work with the Multiselect feature by manually entering options.

Steps for LibreOffice Calc

  1. Open the .xlsm File:

    • Open the .xlsm file in LibreOffice Calc.

    • A warning message about macros will appear.

  2. Manually Enter Options:

    • Since macros do not run in LibreOffice Calc, you need to manually type in the options for Multiselect.

    • For example, if you are entering countries, you can write New York,India,Canada in the cell.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the Multiselect feature in .xlsm files on both Windows and Linux.



  • Download the .xlsm file.

  • Mark the file as safe through Properties.

  • Enable macros in Excel to use the Multiselect feature.


  • Open the .xlsm file in LibreOffice Calc.

  • Manually type the options in multiselect fields.

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