🧿How to use it? In 5 steps

Leverage Impler capabilites to build rich, scalable and user friendly data import experience

Impler is built around configuring your import once and letting the user import spreadsheet data every time using Widget.

5 Easy Steps

1. Log in to your Account:

Head over to Impler by visiting https://web.impler.io and log in using your credentials

2. Create a New Import:

After logging in, you will land on the dashboard. Click on Create Import which will open the create modal asking you to give the appropriate name to the Import.

3. Add Columns to Your Import:

Once you've created a new import, you need to add columns to your import spreadsheet. The columns represent the data fields you wish to import.

The image represents a few fields and a button to add a new field.

4. Provide API Destination (Optional):

You can send Imported data to your backend application or Bubble.io application.

Enable Webhook destination and provide a REST api endpoint in case you want to send imported data to your application.

5. Import the data:

It's time to import your CSV or Excel file. We can do it in two ways:

  1. Import from Dashboard: You can click on Import the button and the import widget will be opened. Which allows you to use data import functionality without any extra configuration.

  2. Embed Widget into Application: You can embed CSV Excel Import widget into your application too, regardless of which tech stack you're using. Follow the steps mentioned in Snippet section of Importer, to embed a widget into your application. Read more in React Embed

And that's it! With these five straightforward steps, you are well on your way to revolutionizing your data onboarding process and delivering an exceptional user experience.

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