🏁How subscription works?

Get idea about how subscription works in impler. How pricing will be calculated, payment gateway being used internally and how it will affect usage.

Impler provides the most generous way to integrate world-class CSV Excel Import functionality in any application. Impler only considers Imported Records as a metric to collect the amount and not additional parameters like no. of imports and no. of templates.

Working of Subscription in Impler

Impler assigns every user the Starter Plan, which includes 5,000 free records per month. Here’s how the subscription and billing process works:

  • The Starter Plan Includes 5,000 free records per month. Importing more than 5,000 records incurs a charge relative to $1 for every 10,000 records.

  • By default, the Starter Plan renews every month. If you have imported more than 5,000 records, you must pay the outstanding amount to renew your subscription. You can choose an appropriate plan to cover this.

  • You must add a card before purchasing any plan. Adding a card creates a mandate of a certain amount, which helps the user to not provide payment details repeatedly and backend to deduct the amount at intervals.

  • Plan upgrades take effect immediately. While Plan downgrades occur at the end of the current billing cycle.

  • Users can cancel their plan anytime. Upon cancellation, the canceled plan does not renew at the end of the billing cycle, and the default Starter Plan is reactivated. Outstanding amounts are deducted at the end of the billing cycle after cancellation.

At Impler, we do our best to ensure flexibility and convenience while maintaining a clear and fair billing structure. Have doubts? Feel free to shoot us an email at bhavik@impler.io, in case you need any help.

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